Macy’s – jumping the shark?


Do you know the term ‘Jumping the Shark’? It’s a Hollywood term that refers to a TV show that goes too far to the point of no return! It comes from the show Happy Days when the ratings were starting to go down so they quickly tried to do something drastic on an episode to get viewers (Fonzie jumping over an actual shark on his motorcycle)! It failed!!

Have you been to Macy’s lately? Have you noticed the downward spiral? Now I don’t own a retail business…OH WAIT I DO!! Anyway, I can tell you that if sales are down, the last thing I’m going to do is let my quality go down!

Ladies & Gentlemen…Dayton’s has LEFT the building! Now I know this might sound strange because for those of you who know what I’m talking about, you are probably thinking, Dayton’s has BEEN gone. And for those of you who have NO idea what I mean, Dayton’s was a smaller but far better department store that had stores throughout the Midwest. They owned Target, at first. Then Target became larger, then they bought Marshall Fields and changed all the Dayton’s stores to M.F. stores. Then that dreaded buyout happened….Macy’s was here and Dayton’s and Marshall Fields were gone. It was a sad day in the Twin Cities. Lots of layoffs, lots of traditions lost, but I digress.

We moved on, we got used the new. Most, if not all of the high end designers ran for the hills not wanting to be part of Macy’s and we were left with, well what we have. The beautiful building that was and is sometimes still referred to as ‘The Dayton’s Building’ is still there but yes, it’s Macy’s. I grew up there, not only as a shopper but a team member. I still walk through there all the time when in the skyways (indoor 2nd floor connection halls for those in warmer climates) and still get that familiar smell of, what is that smell? It’s like an earthy, woodsy smell they pump through the vents but it makes me feel weirdly at home! I fear for that building. It’s one of downtown Minneapolis’ oldest (from the late 1800′s I believe) and I don’t see a future for it because I fear the future of Macy’s!

I have emailed them before about this, it makes me angry. I’m a person that thrives on the visual stimulation that pristine windows and floor displays have to offer. I yearn to have a job where I can decorate a beautiful store and it sickens me to no end that the people that have the job I want, don’t even bother to care! When I emailed them before I asked simply for a chance to prove myself with no response. Huh…okay well if you want to fail, just keep doing what you’re doing with the people you are doing it with! Sorry for the ranting but I just don’t understand. Retail is HARD! But when you already have an advantage of being a huge retailer, why would you dare get lazy? Why would you turn an eye to piles and piles of clothing thrown about? PICK IT UP!

The following pictures were snapped in the Southdale Macy’s Men’s department, but this is not unique and it was not busy. It’s the Macy’s I have grown to know now! Dayton’s I miss you. By the way, one of the pictures says The Hot List….well you know what I’m about to say…more like The HOT MESS. We had a good laugh about that.

Oh and Macy’s, my offer still stands! :)








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Do you dress your age?


I feel that throughout my life I have always dressed younger then my age. But then again, I don’t look my age so I think it’s perfectly fine. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t follow direction well. :) Because of this, I think it’s fine to dress anyway you want at ANY age…within reason of course. If you can pull it off, DO IT!

If you like to follow direction, Who What Wear has a great piece today on things to think about when one contemplates their age and attire.

Here are some of my favs:

Leigh Lezark (29)



Olivia Polermo (almost 28)



Rachel Bilson (32)

Rachel B

Rachel B

Rachel Zoe (42)

Rachel Z

Rachel Z

And of course SJP! (48)

Do you dress your age? Who are your style inspirations?

I’ve forgotten the sun


I’ve not forgotten what it looks like, no, it’s still visible but I no longer remember what it feels like! I don’t know what it’s like to feel the warmth on my face any more. I miss my friend! This vortex thing is crazy! I always secretly thought, global warming will be fun because I LOVE being warm. But I had no idea that it didn’t mean warm! I have decided that this thing that’s hanging in the sky over MN right now is NOT the sun, it’s an impostor! An evil cousin that has descended over us to taunt and tease us through the winter. Oh I still see it, it looks the same and it still shines annoyingly in my eyes as I drive into work every morning. But it is not my friend. I do NOT wish it good morning and I want my friend back! I miss the way he shines on everything and makes it green and lush. How the twin squirrels take chase outside in the morning not caring at all that I’m watching them in amusement! I worry about them right now, I worry about the homeless community right now. I just hope everyone finds a place to stay warm each night during the ‘VORTEX’.

Since the abduction of my friend the sun and the new pod-Sun that has taken his place, a plan has been set in motion. A trip! I will be going on a journey to Mexico. I have some clues that the real sun is being held there! My partner (aka bf) and I will do all we can to not only find the sun but maybe bring him back home with us!

Now that the plan is in place, of course I need the proper gear. I can’t just go down there in my down coat, boots, mittens, scarf, hat, etc. and try to be incognito. No, you have to BLEND! So here’s are just some ideas I have for my ware for my journey. Maybe you are planning a journey as well, an escape maybe or possibly your own trip to locate the kidnapped sun. Here are some great, sunny weather pieces.

Mix & Match Swimwear

Sun Gear

A few cute coverups

Casual wear for some shopping!

A killer dress & some stilettos for evenings out

And of course accessories!

blue lotus cuff
A great cuff bracelet

Thunderdome Statement Necklace - antique gold sm
Statement Necklace

Clearly It's Love acrylic clutch - grey lace4
Clear evening clutch

~Throwback Thursday~


A Series of Unfortunate Events - illustration2

This post is definitely an Off-Fashion Topic but still a fun one. I was thinking about Throwback Thursdays and how cleaver some people get. Posting quirky pictures and such. I didn’t really know what to post and then, while perusing Tumblr came across the quote below, which I found so moving and sad. Then I saw that it was from Lemony. I LOVED those books! They are a multi-layered affect of suspense, kid-friendly, educational, scary, quirky and above all else a love story! They were awesome and I took my time reading them and passing them along to my daughter because I didn’t want it to end. But still, when it did, I was satisfied! If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend it. I bought most of mine through multiple trips of thrifting but of course, you can buy them on!

“I love no one but you, I have discovered, but you are far away and I am here alone. Then this is my life and maybe, however unlikely, I’ll find my way back there. Or maybe, one day, I’ll settle for second best. And on that same day, hell will freeze over, the sun will burn out and the stars will fall from the sky. ”
— Lemony Snicket

At a glance…



Happy New Year from Style a Go-Go!! I hope this year has been surrounded by love and happy things and that the new year will continue to bring great things to you all!

Cheers to new things in 2013….

~ Edie, the truck :)
~ Joining the AMRA! Thanks for all your ongoing support!
~ Flying for the first time in 5 years and I did it ALONE!
~ Meeting all the other great truckers out there! Maybe we can have a caravan someday?
~ Bought an awesome vintage couch!
~ Got metal stairs attached to the truck…permanently!!
~ Just all around having a great year meeting new people and starting this whole adventure!
~ Was Art Director on another awesome zombie flick!
~ Launching the Online Boutique!!

And to the next year….

~ Going on a vacation
~ Edie’s 1 Year Birthday Celebration (more to come)
~ Another great summer of festivals
~ Hopefully crossing more off my bucket list! (anyone know where I can pet a real lion or tiger…that’s alive?)
~ And all around becoming more organized (writing this so it makes me feel obligated)

New Discoveries


It seems like there are always new things in the fashion world that are popping up. Sometimes they really are new, sometimes their just new to me! Today I happened along Alexis designs. I have no words! Okay, I actually do. The simple lines and exquisite fabric use has me in awe. I love everything about it! I WANT all of it!!

I do have to give a shout out to HauteLook on this. I wouldn’t have known about Alexis if they didn’t have it featured today. By the way, it’s a featured designer right now so if you are in the market for some awesome, unique pieces definitely go check it out!

Now for some eye candy……








See more….HERE


Vintage Finds


Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry2

There’s something about vintage jewelry. I love it! It doesn’t have to be valuable, in fact my recent finds were in the $5 both at Hopkins Antique Mall. I love stopping in there to find unique pieces! This time around it was a Mother-of-Pearl tassel rope necklace that you can tie in multiple ways and the other was a gold coin ring. They are definitely great additions to my collection.

Most of my favorites are costume pieces I received from my grandmothers. they both had some fun things they allowed me to pick from when I was younger. Luckily I was careful and held onto most without issues, with exception to the blue Tiki god styled necklace that I pulled apart, played with and then lost. I still have the bracelet but that necklace was something I wish I still had!! I don’t know the story behind it, but I bet it was a fun trip somewhere far away!

Do you have vintage jewelry pieces that you love?

Vintage Jewelry

Uptown vs. Downtown in reverse


It’s so interesting how all larger cities seem to have an Uptown and a Downtown but that doesn’t always necessarily mean the same thing! I saw the ad from StyleMint today and had to laugh. I’m not sure what city they are referring to (probably NYC) but it’s the COMPLETE opposite as here in Mpls! Our Uptown has always been a little on the edge where downtown, where the theatres live and other events that you would dress up for, it is definitely where you will see elegant gowns, refined styles and maybe even a fur or two! So when I read this ad and looked at the awesome outfit inspirations, I had to think in reverse!

Uptown vs. Downtown

StyleMint - Uptown vs Downtown


Speaking of StyleMint (or the Mint shops in general), I DIE for these Marcelle shoes on ShoeMint!!



What are your city centers like? Is there a definite style divide?

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